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Choose your level

  • Standard Soldier

    Every month
    Get Exclusive e-Drop monthly & quarterly physical merch drop
    • 3-5 Original tunes from High Order and various Guests
    • Special gear drops mailed to your door (T-shirt in Aug!)
    • Free Admission to Hidden Jungle NYE Event Synthesis
    • Discounts on all High Order Events
    • 15% Discount on Merch at Shop
  • Best Value

    Platinum Drop Club

    Every month
    Get physical merch drop as well as the e-Drop each month!
    • Drumslinga, Hidden Jungle, and/or High order merch MONTHLY
    • 5-10 Original tunes frm High Order & various Guest producers
    • Free Admission to ALL Hidden Jungle & Drumslinga Events
    • Limited Edition Dropsquad Magnet sent on signup
    • Podcast/Stream shout-out EVERY SHOW!
    • 20% Discount on ALL High Order/HiddenJungle/Drumslinga Merch
    • Merch & Promo Items from various LA DnB/Bass labels/crews

Free/Discounted Event tickets for members only available while membership remains active. Membership renews automatically each month at the same rate until cancelled.

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