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Drumslinga 10-1-19

Drumslinga is proud to bring some of LAs most talented up and coming DJs and producers, and we're lucky AF to have such an outstanding crew of resident DJs & MCs. This week, we showcased the talents of the residents and we're happy to have so many beautiful people from the Drumslinga fam come party with us! The crew brought the heat from start to finish, showing LA what the Drumslinga sound is all about! Long time High Order collaborator and talented MC 3iJoe joined resident Chemistry MC on the mic for a fire collab that had the party cracking til 2am!


Due to technical difficulties at the venue, the sound was unusable from this event - a blessing and a curse.. Curse in that we lost Breathe's set, but blessing - we'll have to get him out again soon to have another go! Stay tuned as we try to recover what we can from the night. Any presentable snippets will show up here!

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